The Kind of Line I Like to See

I decided to do a little moonlighting last week just for kicks, and because I liked the website.  Google Analytics was installed on May 3rd. May 4th was the first full day of reporting. My changes were implemented yesterday, May 10th, on the homepage. The following shows keyword traffic to the home page in the Content > Entrance Keywords > / report. Click the image to see the full size version:


Lines like that usually only happen when you first optimize a site. Believe it or not, this website had already been pretty well optimized. But they were a medium-sized fish going after big keywords in someone else’s pond. I can’t tell you which site or which market this was, but let’s just say it’s better to be a medium-sized fish who OWNS a medium size pond. Sometimes you end up making a lot more money if you just leave your ego behind and let the data lead the way…

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