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Lil Waylon in His Mozbot Shirt

The awesome folks over at SEOMoz sent me and my new son Waylon a little box of goodies the week he was born and I’m just now getting time to snap off a photo of us sporting father and son matching SEO-gear. Do we have a future SEO on our hands? Perhaps. But I’m hoping for astrophysicist. No pressure... read more

Filler Content VS Useful Content

I don’t like filler content. Visitors don’t like it. Google doesn’t like it. And panda bears hate it about as much as they hate having sex with each other. The problem is most of us have blind-spots to our filler content in the same way that people with ugly babies don’t know they have an ugly baby. I just had a “real” cute baby (He is, isn’t he? You’d tell... read more

Getting Premium Content from Journalists & Experts: SixEstate Review

It was fun while it lasted wasn’t it? We’ll all look back on the “good ol’ days” when you could hire a content writer for $7-$10 an article or buy bulk content from a content mill for about $5 a piece. You can still do that of course, but it is likely to destroy the rest of your site. The worst that could have happened before was the content wouldn’t rank, which... read more

More Thoughts on the Panda Update

I was having a conversation on WMW recently about social signals and Panda when someone asked what “proof” I had that Panda was based on “social” or “user feedback” signals. I respect anyone in the SEO industry who doesn’t just automatically believe everything they read on forums from people who provide no proof. It is a rare and undervalued trait. So about fifteen... read more

Why Panda Might Be Taking So Long to Come Back Around

Q: Why hasn’t my site come back after I made all the changes recommended for post-panda SEO recovery? A: Because panda bears are fat and slow. Q: Why does Google hate me? A: Because they want to take over your niche. All kidding aside, it can be frustrating when you pay attention to all of the issues pertaining to site quality and nothing happens. When you spend weeks or months improving your... read more

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