IMHO: The Best Project Management Tool (Web-Based) is…

What is the best web-based project management tool? I asked that exact question not long ago and got about a dozen different answers, one of which was CentralDesktop.

In full disclosure, that was an affiliate link. However, this is NOT a sponsored post. I use CentralDesktop every day now and am sharing my opinion because I think it is better than BaseCamp and similar web-based project management systems – especially when you compare apples to apples and price to price. And since I gave their competitor a direct link, here’s one for Central Desktop: Online Project Management.

I tried out Basecamp and Central Desktop along with several other collaboration tools and project management systems / software on the market, both free and paid. While Basecamp is a close second, Central Desktop just can’t be beat. Even since I’ve began using it they’ve released great new features like the ability to update tasks and milestones by email, have discussions by email and upload files using their ftp plugin. In other words, you don’t have to log into the system online every time you want to do something, which has always been a major hassle with web-based project management and collaboration tools. I think that hassle is the main factor that keeps coworkers and clients from buying-in and leveraging the great system you’ve put in place.

Last I checked, both Basecamp and CentralDesktop have $99 per month options with 256big SLL encryption for security. Both also have free versions, but I wouldn’t give clients access to them and they wouldn’t work anyway if you had more than a couple of projects going on at once.

Basecamp’s ‘free’ version is a trial, while CentralDesktop’s is an actual free version that can be used indefinitely. In addition to this, what I liked about CentralDesktop over Basecamp is that everything is already included with CD, while BC requires you to purchase their ad-ons, such as Highrise, Backpack and Campfire for things like screensharing and webinars.

I think CentralDesktop is the best project management tool out there, but my advice is to try them both out, among others. Just be sure you cancel your Basecamp membership before the first 30 days or they WILL charge you for the next month.

Simple Team Collaboration - Free Trial

Here is a good comparison of the two if you want to research them further before starting a trial: Web-Based Project Management Software ComparisonCentral Desktop Screenshot

2 Responses to “IMHO: The Best Project Management Tool (Web-Based) is…”

  1. Jenna says:

    CD is a good tool, but I chose wrike. What I like most is that all projects are in the same workspace and I can add the same task to several projects. Kudos for such flexibility!

  2. SantexQ says:

    Yes Basecamp seems to be the benchmark, nice to see your review of another comparable tool. Yet another worthy online project management tool is SantexQ. It’s simpler than Basecamp so is good for projects that just need effective task and time management.