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Change Ads Per Author WordPress Plugin: Ad-Place

Ad-Place is a simple Wordpress plugin that allows you to display different ads for each authors’ content. It is a good way to start revenue sharing.

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Surviving and Thriving as an Ecommerce SEO

I’ve been doing SEO for an eCommerce website for the last three years, and would like to share a couple of pointers to make it easier for those of you just getting started.

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WordPress SEO Fun With Conditional Tags

Learn how to make a Wordpress footer link silo using conditional PHP tags. From Everett Sizemore’s SEO blog.

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Use ColorZilla Firefox Color Picker Plugin for Easy Adsense Ad Creation

ColorZilla is a Firefox plugin that sits in the bottom-left footer area of your browsing screen. When you want to know the color codes of any pixel on a page, just click the eye dropper to turn on the tool, hover over the pixel and click again to record the code.

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Is SEO Difficult? Yes. No. And Then Yes Again.

SEO is difficult at first. After about a year it starts getting easy. Two years in you start to know enough to know how much you need to learn.

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Hello world!

Hello world! This is my first post on the new site. I’m just using it to test. So, I guess I should be lorium ipsuming or something…

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