Keyword Farming

I like my keywords like I like my tomatoes – organic. While I have a respect for the craft of PPC, it does remind me of paying $5 for a plant from the nursery every year when you could get the same (A perennial version, at that!) for the cost of a .05 cent seed. All it takes is a little patience, some old-fashioned elbow grease and the proverbial green thumb.

A Different Kind of SEO Consultant

Having worked in a marketing agency, as an independent SEO consultant, and in-house as an analyst and department manager – I have developed a sense of what a company is looking for when they hire someone to consult with them about search engine optimization.

I understand that cookie-cutter, auto-generated reports do not work for your business and your needs. Every business is different. There may be some very good reasons why you have or haven’t done certain things a certain way to meet SEO best practices. A good SEO consultant will audit your website and return a comprehensive report on everything from keyword research and on-page optimization factors, to link building opportunities and competitive analysis. A great SEO will talk with you and your developers about how your systems work, what legacy applications might be getting in the way, where your roadblocks are, what your goals and expectations are… and the myriad things that will help you take it from consultation to implementation.

2010 SEMMY Winner: Best SEO Blog Post

Blue Ridge Parkway

I believe…
Life is too short to spend 5/7 of it in a cubicle, and if you don’t love what you do you should find a new career.